Contract manufacturers are hired by companies to take on their production processes. This enables small businesses to produce their products without requiring a substantial amount of capital or personnel upfront. This process is beneficial to both businesses involved, as well as the consumers who purchase the finished product.

There are many things to consider when choosing a contract manufacturer to work with, such as location. Contract manufacturers can be located in the United States as well as overseas, and the location of your manufacturer can affect production costs. Hiring companies should seek out manufacturers that specialize in the sort of goods they want to produce and also consider whether they need assistance with engineering or packaging procedures.

The hiring company provides product specifications to the contract manufacturer, who then duplicates or improves upon them. By outsourcing production, the hiring company can focus on marketing and selling their goods.
If the manufacturer has the ability, the hiring company can ask them to act as a drop shipper. In this case, the manufacturer keeps a supply of the product on hand at a warehouse to ship orders directly to customers.

Different Types of Contract Manufacturing

Choosing the right type of contract manufacturing is important to the success of your product. Partec offers a range of manufacturing and assembly services, including:

Cable or Wire Harness Assembly
Wire harness assemblies address electrical problems caused by electrical demands and geometric restrictions. They organize and physically support groups of cables and wires in specified locations. Wire harnesses are most often utilized for organizational purposes in applications with less stringent demands, such as grouping internal wires in electronics and vehicles, keeping cables out of the way in small spaces, and organizing wires for easy identification. Wire harness assemblies generally aren’t suitable for use outside or in hazardous environmental circumstances.

Harness assemblies can have terminals and connections attached and they are routed to different connection points on an assembly. Wire harnesses are a low-cost electrical solution that provides protection and organization to electrical systems.

Electro-Mechanical Contract Assembly
Partec’s turnkey domestic outsourcing solutions are perfect for businesses looking for dependable, high-performance assembly wire harnesses and cables. Our bespoke control panel contract installation services provide customers with a fully finished package of commercial panelboards and consoles. Partec manages every stage of the process from orders of ten components to millions of pieces and box-building jobs to kit assembly.

Full System Integration
At Partec, we provide high-quality contract assembly to a wide range of industries. We operate out of a 125,000 square foot assembly and warehouse space with an appointed tooling and fabrication department. Our in-house acceptance run capacities have earned us the reputation of a reputable full box-build and kit-assembly supplier.

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified, allowing us to deliver our clients thoroughly tested final products that will satisfy the most demanding ISO standards.

Multimodality testing, dimensional gauging, functional testing, flow testing, press force monitoring, failure probing, continuity testing, and hipot testing are just a few of the inspections we conduct. No matter the number of components in your order, our expert staff will inspect every single one.

Hand Assembly Services
Cable assemblies, wire harnesses, and other electromechanical items frequently need hands-on assembly due to the delicate nature of the components. Our ISO-9001 quality management accreditation verifies that our hand-assembled products are of the greatest possible quality. We can handle projects of all sizes and work with customers large or small.

At Partec, we also offer packaging and kitting as a part of our hand assembly services. Packaging not only protects your products, but it can serve an important role in your marketing strategy. Packaging can make your products instantly recognizable or give information on how to care for the product. Our staff will assemble all of the components for you and deliver them with attention to detail and accuracy.

Advantages of Contract Manufacturing

Contract manufacturing is frequently a quicker and more cost-effective option than producing your items in-house, even if you believe you have the personnel, resources, and expertise. There are several advantages of partnering with a skilled contractor that every business should consider, including:

Reduce Costs and Profit by Cutting Out Expenses
You can save a considerable amount of money by outsourcing manufacturing processes. You won’t have to devote significant in-house resources to manufacturing, it eliminates the need to balance numerous vendors, and helps you avoid unforeseen expenses. Labor expenditures will be significantly lower as a result.

Beneficial Technical Insight
Contract manufacturers offer companies unique technical expertise. Since contract manufacturers produce goods for a wide range of businesses, they have a vast knowledge of product development for specific niches. They can identify potential hazards and flaws in design early on, which can help you avoid costly redesigns and wasted product.

Greater Company Freedom
When you outsource production to a contract manufacturer, you give your company and your employees more options. Your staff will have more time for innovation and prototyping and your company will benefit as a result.

Contract manufacturers have more resources than small businesses or startups, so they can scale products much more quickly. Contract manufacturers can rapidly increase production requirements if you experience a peak in demand or seasonal changes decrease demand. They can also negotiate the cost of raw or bulk materials to keep costs low even as production needs fluctuate. Contract manufacturers offer the ability to make quick adjustments to your product and have greater control over your product supply.

Offering State of the Art Assembly Services

Contract manufacturing can help your company grow and become more profitable by reducing expenses without sacrificing quality. Contact us today to learn more about our contract manufacturing services and capabilities.