Wire Harness Manufacturing

The Wire Harness Manufacturing Process

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Wire harnesses are assemblies of electrical cables or wires that transmit signals or electrical power. They are commonly used in the automotive, aerospace, and telecommunications industries. More specifically, a wire harness is a system that connects all of the electrical components in a vehicle. It is an integral part of any automobile and ensures that […]

A Brief Intro to Contract Assembly

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Assembly is a vital step in the manufacture of a wide range of parts and products. However, some original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) do not have the resources available to establish and perform assembly operations in-house. In these situations, they may choose to contract the assembly of their components to a third-party company. The contracted company […]

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A Brief Intro to Electro Mechanical Assembly

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Electromechanical devices and systems play a vital role in a wide range of industries and applications. As suggested by the name, they are made of a combination of mechanical and electrical components, which work together to perform a set specific task or set of tasks. Product examples range from consumer electronics (e.g., clocks and electric […]

A Brief Intro to Sub Assembly Manufacturing

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In the manufacturing sector, companies are always looking for ways to streamline production processes and cut production costs. One solution many manufacturers rely on to reduce the amount of time and, consequently, the amount of money needed to produce products is subassembly manufacturing. Below, we provide an overview of this process, highlighting what it is, […]

An Introduction to Contract Manufacturing for Mechanical and Electrical Assemblies

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Contract manufacturing is a type of business agreement in which one company (the contracting company) outsources some or all of its manufacturing operations to another company (the contract manufacturer). The contract manufacturer makes the parts or products to the specifications provided by the contracting company, which then uses them to create complete product assemblies or […]

box build assemblies

All About Box Build Assemblies

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All About Box Build Assemblies The term “box build” (also sometimes referred to as systems integration) encompasses all of the assembly work—other than producing the printed circuit board (PCB) component—involved in manufacturing an electromechanical assembly. While the process is tailored to the specific part and project terms, it can include the installation of sub-assemblies and […]