automotive wire hand assembly Partec IncThere are times that even the best-automated assembly lines can’t compete with the dexterity and versatility offered by hand assembly. Small pieces, personalized items that must be matched, delicate components, or overly complex and varied kits may sometimes be too much for a machine to handle. For projects that require agility and decision-making capabilities, Partec is here to offer the contract hand assembly services you need.

Hand assembly is a vital part of any modern electromechanical goods supply chain. At Partec, we believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your timeline to get the service and product quality you need. That’s why we have a team of experienced professionals that apply focused attention to get the job done right and on time.

Hand Assembly Definition

Hand assembly is a process of manually assembling components and sub-assemblies to create a final product. This can be done using hand tools, power tools, or a combination of both. The hand assembly process is often used for small-scale production or prototyping where automated assembly methods are not yet available or cost-effective. When hand assembling products, it is essential to follow assembly instructions carefully to avoid errors resulting in faulty products.

Our Hand Assembly Services

Our turnkey services make your job easier. We offer a variety of capabilities to provide end-to-end solutions for our customers.


At Partec, we specialize in hand collating electromechanical goods. Cable assemblies, wire harnesses, and other electromechanical goods often require manual assembly due to the delicate nature of the components. Our hand-assembled goods are of the highest quality, as demonstrated by our ISO-9001 quality management certification. We can handle assembly projects of any volume and work with customers of all sizes.

We have a dedicated hand assembly area where our team works diligently to assemble your products according to your specifications. We take pride in our work and pay attention to every detail to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the finished product. Our hand assembly process is highly precise and efficient, ensuring that your products are assembled with the utmost care and quality. Contact us today to learn more about our hand collating services.

Packaging and kitting

A package does more than simply protect and preserve. It can be part of your overall marketing plan to make your products instantly recognizable, or it can inform the recipient of care instructions. Our team will prepare your items for distribution with care and precision, no matter how packaging fits into your strategy. Our team can also assemble component kits on your behalf to facilitate easier assembly at your facility or to provide an organized solution to your end customer.

We know that packaging and kitting can be complex, but we’re here to help. We’ll work with you to understand your needs and develop a solution that meets your requirements. We have a team of experienced professionals who can handle all aspects of the packaging and kitting process, from design to delivery.


Your core capabilities should be the focus of your business. We can directly distribute the products we manufacture or assemble, helping our customers streamline their supply chain and eliminating unnecessary touch points for our wire harnesses and other products.

Our team will work with you to ensure that your products are delivered on time and to the specifications you require. We have a wide network of distribution partners who can get your products to market quickly and efficiently.

Industries Served

As an industry-leading hand assembly services provider, Partec has served a diverse range of clients across various industries. We have the experience and expertise to handle any project, no matter how complex it may be.

Electrical/electronics industry

The electronics industry has long relied on automated assembly lines to produce its products. However, hand collating has many benefits that make it a viable option for the industry.

Hand assembly allows for more flexibility than automated assembly. This means that products can be customized more easily, and different product variations can be produced on the same line. This flexibility can lead to shorter production times and lower costs.

Hand assembly also allows for better quality control. Products can be checked more easily for defects, and workers can ensure that each component is properly installed. This results in fewer defective products and less waste.

Overall, hand assembly offers many benefits to the electronics industry. It is more flexible and can lead to shorter production times. It also provides better quality control, saving the industry money in the long run.

Automotive industry

The automotive industry has been increasingly turning to hand assembly in recent years to improve efficiency and quality. This is especially true for electronics components, where precise handling is required.

There are several reasons why hand assembly can be beneficial for the automotive industry. First, it allows for greater control over the assembly process, resulting in higher quality products. Second, it can improve efficiency by reducing the need for rework or repairs. And finally, it can help to reduce costs by eliminating the need for specialized equipment or assembly lines.

Hardware and industrial industries

The hardware and industrial industries can benefit greatly from hand assembly. This is because these industries often require small, intricate parts to be put together quickly and efficiently. Hand assembly can help to speed up the process and ensure that all parts are correctly assembled. It can also help improve the quality of the finished product by ensuring that all parts are correctly aligned and fitted.

One of the main benefits of hand assembly is that it is much faster than using machinery. This is because machines often have to be stopped and started to reposition parts or make adjustments. This can add a significant amount of time to the production process. Additionally, machines can also damage parts if they are not handled correctly. This can result in costly repairs or replacements.

Another benefit of hand assembly is that it is much more accurate than using machinery. This is because human hands can feel when something is not quite right and make the necessary adjustments. This can help to improve the quality of the finished product and reduce the number of defective items.

Transformer industry

As the transformer industry looks to improve efficiency and competitiveness, many are turning to hand assembly methods to help them achieve these goals. Hand assembly can provide a number of advantages over traditional automated methods, including improved quality and accuracy, greater flexibility, and lower costs.

In particular, hand assembly can be an excellent way to assemble small or delicate transformer components, such as coils and windings. When done correctly, hand assembly can provide precision and control that is simply impossible with automated methods. Additionally, because hand assembly does not require expensive equipment or tooling, it can be a much more cost-effective option for transformer manufacturers.

If your industry or product isn’t listed, that does not mean we don’t have experience in those areas. We are happy to answer questions or give quote projects for clients in any industry.

Let Partec lend you a hand for your next project

Whether you need hand assembly only or a complete turnkey solution, we have the facilities, the employees, and the experience to get it done right, on time, and in a cost-efficient manner. For your next project, let Partec lend you a hand. To find out how we can help your business, contact us today or submit a request for a quote.