wire harness assembly
Many industries rely on cable assemblies for organization and efficiency in their projects. No matter what application, a cable and harness assembly can support the grouping of cables and wires while maximizing space. 

If you’re looking for reputable cable assembly manufacturers, Partec, Inc. can assemble a wire harness precisely and accurately while meeting your specifications and requirements.

Understanding the Basics of Wire Harnesses

A cable assembly (also called wire harness) refers to the system’s organized and integrated arrangement of cables and wires. These are covered with an insulated material commonly used to transmit signals and electricity to an electrical component. Common insulated materials used are vinyl, rubber, or conduit.

Some cable assemblies are suitable for indoor and outdoor environments. However, it largely depends on the materials used and surrounding conditions that will dictate its durability and longevity.

Benefits of a cable assembly:

  • Save time and money: Time is crucial in demanding industries, and loose cables can damage operations where technicians need to determine or locate the correct cable for a specific function. It leads to downtime, which means your profits can decrease dramatically.
  • Improve safety in the workplace: Loose cables or wiring are dangerous in numerous environments as electrical power can injure your workforce. Safety is paramount in these settings, ensuring that a facility works without the fear of accidentally pulling cables or wires and causing fires or shocks.
  • Organize and route wires/cables: A wire harness eliminates the need for messy, untangling cables or wires. You can move around without the risk of damaging the cables and causing malfunctions. It also helps you to locate and fix any problems quickly, as the wires are neatly organized within the assembly.

Industrial standard cable harnesses are durable and cost-effective. Both elements give you the reassurance required when dealing with electrical components. Ultimately, this helps to maximize efficiency and productivity in the workplace.

Typical Applications of a Wiring & Harness Assembly

A wire harness assembly is found in multiple industries where electric power is often present. Most sectors have a demanding nature regarding their projects and applications, requiring a wiring system that offers reliability and accuracy.

Common applications of a cable assembly include:

  • Manufacturing: Complex wiring and cable networks are the heart and soul of numerous automated and sophisticated technology found in the assembly lines of a manufacturing facility. These assemblies facilitate the streamlined connection of systems and their functions, ensuring that there are no delays in the operation.

Harness Assembly Uses

The primary use of harness assemblies relates to timesaving efforts in mass production where a machine or component assembly repetition is an essential part of unit manufacturing. Some common uses of cable harness assemblies include: 

  • Grouping wires together to keep them organized.
  • Saving time while attaching the wires in the given assembly.
  • Grouping/organizing internal wires in computers, industrial equipment, appliances, automobiles, aircraft, and other electrical systems.
  • Reducing space requirements for wiring in tight quarters.

Partec’s Cable and Wire Harness Capabilities

Partec offers a number of manufacturing and support services for cable and wire harness assemblies, such as power supply harnesses, electromechanical harnesses, industrial harnesses, custom harnesses, and much more. Our team can assemble a cable or wire harness that meets the exact needs of the application—no matter how unusual or complex.

Our automated wire capabilities include cutting, stripping, terminating, splicing, and soldering. We can handle cables and wires ranging from 24 AWG to 4/0 AWG. Partec can handle single wires, as well as complex wire harness assemblies. We take on orders of all sizes, from 10 pieces to more than a million.

Partec’s wire harnesses are available in various types and sizes of wire- and crimp-type terminals and pins, and electrical components can be manufactured to individual specifications.

Partec is proud to serve a variety of industries, including but not limited to:

  • Consumer goods
  • Hardware
  • Industrial machinery
  • Electronics
  • Telecommunications
  • Transformers
  • Amusement & gaming

Committed to Quality

Partec, Inc. is committed to providing cable and wire harness assemblies that meet or exceed the quality expectations of our customers. We provide evidence of our commitment by maintaining our ISO 9001:2015 certification, ensuring that we provide our customers with only the highest-quality solutions. All of our processes are subjected to rigorous testing that meets the strictest requirements set forth by the international ISO framework.

Our inspection repertoire includes:

  • Dimensional gauging
  • Functional testing
  • Press force monitoring
  • Failure probing
  • Continuity testing
  • Hipot testing are all part of our inspection repertoire 

Choose Partec, Inc. As Your Contract Assembly Partner

Our contract assembly services include cable and harness assembly, focusing on delivering quality outcomes for your projects. Ensuring that power and signals are transmitted efficiently is imperative for superior results. 

If you have any questions about cable assemblies and our services, feel free to contact us today. Request a quote, and we’ll give you a price you can’t refuse.