Partec, Inc. offers contract assembly services as part of their turnkey solutions, focusing on electromechanical, cable harnesses, and custom panels. We’re a go-to source for large and small-scale companies, offering fast turnaround and quality outcomes to improve their bottom line. 

Our expertise can help you assemble components into larger assemblies or even complete products, making us the perfect partner to outsource this kind of work. Our services consist of engineering support and contract services, ideal for industries looking for customized products that will reflect their exact specifications. We’re a one-stop solution to all your assembly needs.

Our Main Services

Choosing us as your partner will improve your efficiency and give you the best results. As part of our contract assembly services, we also offer packaging and distribution so that you can focus on running your business and developing innovative products while we handle the dirty work.

We specialize in the following services:


Cable and Harness Assembly

Cable and Harness Assembly Workstation

Cable and wire harnesses are a systematic and integrated arrangement of cables and wires within an insulated material. It transmits and sends signals or electrical power efficiently and safely. Numerous industries rely on wire harnesses because it raises safety standards, no matter what kind of application or setting.

With our bespoke services, we can assemble different types of harnesses for a particular setting. Whether you need a power supply harness, an electromechanical harness, or an industrial-grade wire harness, our expert assemblers will do the job according to your project’s needs. 

Typical applications of a cable and wire harness assembly:

  • Medical: Rapid links of cables while establishing connections for better medical diagnosis and treatments.
  • Telecommunications: Employs hundreds to thousands of cable wire harnesses to facilitate the identification of different systems. Some examples are modems and routers.
  • Robotics and automation: Robots require cable assemblies for organization, especially in robots with limited space. It ensures they function correctly without compromising quality.

Quality cable harnesses can protect your business from costly damages and increase efficiency. Rest assured that you’ll receive products that are up to par and highly effective.

Electromechanical Assembly

Small Part Work Station

Electromechanical assembly refers to putting parts, products, and components together mechanically. It’s popularly used to manufacture consumer electronics like computers, laptops, smartphones, and other gadgets.

Equipment is put together to control the flow of electrical current needed. These will facilitate the right amount of electricity in devices to ensure they don’t overheat or malfunction. Fortunately, we can assist you every step of the way with a complete box build or kit assembly used for electromechanical applications.

Typical applications of electromechanical assembly:

  • Aerospace: Compact and highly precise assemblies are imperative to implement particular features and functions. Some examples are power boxes, cockpit panels, and switch panels.
  • Military: Apart from being compact and reliable, they must be durable enough to withstand harsh environments. Panel assemblies are a typical example.
  • Agricultural: Modern agricultural devices and equipment use electromechanical assemblies for better productivity and efficiency. Custom-designed switches and sensors are found in tractors and combines.
  • Fire protection: Reliable and durable systems are essential in fire protection to avoid delays and implement crucial safety measures. Fire alarms, smoke extraction fans, and emergency lighting need assemblies to do their job.
  • Heavy equipment: Numerous industries, such as the construction sector, utilize heavy equipment. They must be robust and withstand harsh outdoor conditions like dust and temperature. Box builds, and assemblies are necessary for switches, controls, and pumping systems.

Ensure your electromechanical components and systems are correctly assembled with us. We understand its different complexities, so rest assured we can create them with precision and quality.

Contract Assembly of Custom Panels

We offer contract assembly for custom panels, relying on our years of skills and expertise from working with different brand leaders. Our fully customized solution allows us to create a product tailored to your needs. From drawings to product samples, our team will deliver quality custom panels unique to your application.

Custom panels are found in numerous settings, but not all environments have the exact requirements. Working closely with our customers allows us to create a specialized panel that’s reliable, durable, and long-lasting.

Since they’re used for different purposes, they’re designed and developed with a specific function. We take pride in our custom panels because they’re designed to meet exact requirements, down to every detail.

Typical applications of custom panel assembly:

  • Underground vault controls
  • Sewage pump chambers
  • Food and beverage controls
  • Dry dock pump panel stations
  • Wastewater treatment controls
  • Irrigation control panels
  • Fuel and oil transfer systems
  • Chemical feed control

For a truly optimized system, custom panels will improve your business operations. With our expertise in various systems and controls, we can create one that’s intricately furnished for your business.

Full System Integration

We’re an ISO-certified manufacturer and premier source of contract assembly offering full-service system integration, such as kitting and assembly. The goal is to become a reputable and trustworthy partner who can handle most of your operations with our streamlined operations for consistent product output.

Our turnkey solutions include product development, supply chain management, assembly packaging, and distribution. Let us handle all your needs, and we’ll bring your results within the deadline so that you can maximize the finished product’s potential.

Understand our full system integration and contract services as a trusted outsourcer:

  • Product development: Our engineers are well-versed in developing new products according to your specifications. It allows us to renew or introduce a new product that meets or exceeds your specifications.
  • Supply chain management: We manage and source raw materials according to your requirements. We create a system revolving around procurement, operations management, and logistics so that we can finish a product without delays.
  • Assembly Packaging: Our services include packaging your assemblies using the latest tooling technologies and automated systems. We guarantee quality control to ensure that your products are perfect before we ship them to you.

Distribution: We handle the distribution of your products to your chosen market. We’ll quickly distribute your products to the right market after facilitating development and production while employing our engineering skills.

Partec is Your Trusted Outsource

Our in-house capabilities allow us to offer our in-demand contract services without sacrificing quality. We have experienced engineers to handle the entire process, from design and development to packaging and distribution.

Additionally, we provide testing and inspection as part of our services for consistency and precision. We aim to continuously improve our quality management system to create a strong foundation for your project.

From dimensional gauging to failure probing, rest assured that the finished products are better than your initial specs. We want to help you bring your product to life and gain a competitive edge in the market without investing in high operational expenses.

Trust Us As Your Contract Assembly Partner

Partec, Inc. has provided contract assembly services for numerous years, focusing on areas imperative in multiple industries. With our commitment to excellence, our team will work with you and provide the best possible services.Don’t hesitate to contact us today with any questions or concerns about our services. Request a quote, and we’ll cultivate a cost-effective solution while keeping quality as our top priority. Our expertise and commitment will lead your project to success.​