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Partec is a leading cable assembly company specializing in contract assembly for small and large companies. We work on numerous projects focusing on cable and wire harness assembly, allowing us to support diverse, demanding industries that rely on these electrical solutions. We aim to deliver a product that will improve their bottom line, guarantee a more optimized performance, and increase efficiency.

The Differences Between a Cable Assembly and a Wire Harness

Although “cable assembly” and “wire harness” are often used interchangeably, they’re not the same product. Both have distinct manufacturing processes and applications unique to the industry. The first noticeable difference between a cable assembly and a wire harness is in their layout.

Technically, cable assemblies are point-to-point, single connector cables. Sometimes, these may include loopbacks or multiple legs but don’t involve any advanced layout. Meanwhile, wire harnesses are designed and developed to simplify assembling multi-faceted wiring systems. It stands out as a solution for the complex arrangement of many wires and cables, especially if separate cable installation is impossible. However, these terms can often be used interchangeably based on the user.


A wire harness is already manufactured and routed on a board. There’s no need for the installer to route individual wires. All they need to do is remove the board and install the wires already laid out in their proper arrangement. Besides the arrangement and layout of wires and cables, cable assemblies and wire harnesses don’t have significant distinctions. Both can perform the same functions and achieve the same electrical specifications.

Contrasting Manufacturing Process

Cable assemblies and wire harnesses go through different manufacturing processes due to each product’s unique challenges. Nevertheless, cable assemblies and wire harnesses require attention to detail during manufacturing for superior outcomes.

Some differences include:

  • A cable assembly is produced by connecting cables to terminals on their ends. It’s done with automated advanced tooling tailored to their client’s specifications.
  • Some aspects of cable assembly still need human hands, including hand soldering, heat shrink application, cable tie installation, and labeling.
  • Wire harnesses require more extensive work. Their production process is more challenging since they’re designed to simplify the assembly of multi-faceted wiring systems.
  • One wire harness already takes a lot of time since the process is done by hand, routing wire and cable onto the board with a specific diagram.

Cable Assembly and Wire Harness Applications

We work with various sectors to build an assembly that fits their needs and performs optimally in any application. These include:

  • Arcade games manufacturing: The inside of an arcade machine is a maze of complicated wiring systems, and we can produce a cable assembly and wire harness solution designed for the complex arrangement of wiring and cables.

Choosing a Reputable Cable Assembly and Wire Harness Manufacturer

Partec is a cable assembly company specializing in cable and wire harness assembly, especially for specialized projects like arcade machines. We also have electro-mechanical, full system integration, and hand assembly services, catering to unique designs and custom requirements.

If you want to learn more about our services and how we can help you build the perfect arcade machine, contact us today to learn more! You may also request a quote, and we can develop a cost-effective solution based on your needs!

Wiring for X-ray Machines: The Precision Craft of Medical Cable Assemblies

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In the intricate world of X-ray machine manufacturing, the importance of reliable medical cable assembly manufacturers cannot be overstated. Partec, Inc. stands at the forefront to provide effective X-ray machine wiring for X-ray manufacturers.

Understanding the Role of Medical Cable Assemblies in X-ray Technology

At the heart of every X-ray machine is a complex network of cables and wires. These medical cable assemblies are critical for the machine’s efficient and safe operation. The X-ray machine wiring systems are engineered with precision to play an important role in ensuring the accurate transmission of electrical signals and power. These signals are fundamental for the X-ray’s diagnostic imaging. The use of high-quality materials and adherence to stringent manufacturing standards are critical in these medical cable assemblies; they are a guarantor of reliable and safe medical diagnostics.

Why Choose Partec, Inc. for X-Ray Machine Wiring?

Partec, Inc. has established our position at the pinnacle of medical cable assembly manufacturers through our commitment to precision, quality, and customization. With expertise in crafting wire harnesses, we provide an organized arrangement of cables and wires necessary for X-ray machine wiring. Our integrated arrangements are covered with premium insulated materials to ensure performance and longevity is at an optimum– something which is particularly important in the demanding environments of medical diagnostics.

The benefits of our medical cable assemblies extend beyond their functional excellence. They are designed to improve the overall safety in the workplace to reduce the risks associated with loose and improperly managed cables. Our x-ray machine wiring assemblies facilitate efficiency through organizing and routing wires effectively. They’re designed in a way to simplify maintenance procedures and reduce downtime, both crucial factors in an environment where every second counts.

Harnessing Expertise for X-Ray Machine Applications

The typical applications of our wiring and harness assemblies in X-ray technology reflect our understanding of the sector’s unique demands. We recognize that x-ray machines require not just any cable assembly but one that ensures uninterrupted operation, precision, and safety. Our harness assemblies are thus a linchpin in the efficient functioning of these sophisticated machines, playing a critical role in diagnostic accuracy and patient care.

Partec’s Prowess in Cable and Wire Harness Capabilities

Our medical cable assemblies encompass everything from power supply harnesses to custom X-ray machine wiring configurations. We leverage automated wire capabilities such as cutting, stripping, terminating, and soldering to handle various cables and wires from 24 AWG to 4/0 AWG. With this versatility, we’re able to meet the specific needs of X-ray manufacturers, whether that be single wires or complex harness assemblies.

Committed to Quality and Precision

Our commitment to quality is not just a promise; it’s practice. We maintain our ISO 9001:2015 certification as a testament to our dedication to delivering the highest quality solutions. We rigorously test all medical cable assemblies to ensure they meet the exacting standards of the medical industry. This includes dimensional gauging, functional testing, and continuity testing.

Your Trusted Partner in Medical Cable Assembly

Choosing Partec, Inc. as your partner for x-ray machine wiring means choosing a team that understands the critical nature of your technology and is committed to supporting its success. We invite x-ray manufacturers to experience the Partec difference – where quality, precision, and customer satisfaction are not just goals, but guarantees.

Contact us today for inquiries about our services or to request a quote. Let us be the powerhouse behind your X-ray machine’s performance, ensuring that every diagnostic image is as clear and reliable as our commitment to excellence.