Partec is a leading cable assembly company specializing in contract assembly for small and large companies. We work on numerous projects focusing on cable and wire harness assembly, allowing us to support diverse, demanding industries that rely on these electrical solutions. We aim to deliver a product that will improve their bottom line, guarantee a more optimized performance, and increase efficiency.

The Differences Between a Cable Assembly and a Wire Harness

Although “cable assembly” and “wire harness” are often used interchangeably, they’re not the same product. Both have distinct manufacturing processes and applications unique to the industry. The first noticeable difference between a cable assembly and a wire harness is in their layout.

Technically, cable assemblies are point-to-point, single connector cables. Sometimes, these may include loopbacks or multiple legs but don’t involve any advanced layout. Meanwhile, wire harnesses are designed and developed to simplify assembling multi-faceted wiring systems. It stands out as a solution for the complex arrangement of many wires and cables, especially if separate cable installation is impossible. However, these terms can often be used interchangeably based on the user.


A wire harness is already manufactured and routed on a board. There’s no need for the installer to route individual wires. All they need to do is remove the board and install the wires already laid out in their proper arrangement. Besides the arrangement and layout of wires and cables, cable assemblies and wire harnesses don’t have significant distinctions. Both can perform the same functions and achieve the same electrical specifications.

Contrasting Manufacturing Process

Cable assemblies and wire harnesses go through different manufacturing processes due to each product’s unique challenges. Nevertheless, cable assemblies and wire harnesses require attention to detail during manufacturing for superior outcomes.

Some differences include:

  • A cable assembly is produced by connecting cables to terminals on their ends. It’s done with automated advanced tooling tailored to their client’s specifications.
  • Some aspects of cable assembly still need human hands, including hand soldering, heat shrink application, cable tie installation, and labeling.
  • Wire harnesses require more extensive work. Their production process is more challenging since they’re designed to simplify the assembly of multi-faceted wiring systems.
  • One wire harness already takes a lot of time since the process is done by hand, routing wire and cable onto the board with a specific diagram.

Cable Assembly and Wire Harness Applications

We work with various sectors to build an assembly that fits their needs and performs optimally in any application. These include:

  • Arcade games manufacturing: The inside of an arcade machine is a maze of complicated wiring systems, and we can produce a cable assembly and wire harness solution designed for the complex arrangement of wiring and cables.

Choosing a Reputable Cable Assembly and Wire Harness Manufacturer

Partec is a cable assembly company specializing in cable and wire harness assembly, especially for specialized projects like arcade machines. We also have electro-mechanical, full system integration, and hand assembly services, catering to unique designs and custom requirements.

If you want to learn more about our services and how we can help you build the perfect arcade machine, contact us today to learn more! You may also request a quote, and we can develop a cost-effective solution based on your needs!

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